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Hello and welcome to the You Pick (UP) Berries homepage. Now Open.  Please take your time to look around and enjoy your stay!
You Pick Berries
30683 Lanan Rd.
Kingston, IL 60145

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We charge $3.00 per pint/all berry types (exact cash or check only - Honor System - No Cashier on Site) . The sales tax is included in the price. Berries, an affordable luxury!

What we strive to give you.

Gathering and harvesting is an experience that seems to be part of our human nature. We at You Pick Berries strive to give you that simple pleasure. Our process is quiet and thoughtful. There are no animal petting zoos, country bands or food stands. This is about you, picking berries at the peak of their natural goodness.

Our picking environment has spacious grass walkways for ease of use for our guests.

Take your berries home and enjoy them as nature intended!


Volume Status/Picking Status : Updated every Thursday (8/27/15)

Red Raspberry Volume Status: (8//27/15)  High volume. Volumes can drop late Sunday afternoon.  (Best picking mid week) 
Blueberry Voume Status: Season is now over.
Blackberries:  Not available until Sept. (will post when ready)
Black Raspberries:  Next year!

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